New Beginning

No one ever told me that the hardest part about moving to a new country would be moving back. Returning to the same house, that is emptier in both the physical sense and the number of individuals, is some comfort in familiarity. Sleeping in the same bed, under the one blanket that you have, is relaxing until you wake up to an empty room. But the emptiest thing is the realization that you also came back to one, maybe two, friends. The hardest thing about moving away is knowing that life and people continue to move on without you. People change, close friends find new closer friends and all the friends that you made in your new country are now 6 hours ahead of you. Thankfully University starts soon. There I will make my new beginning, again.

Obviously this is my last post, I apologize that it wasn’t a “happy to be home” one but I’d prefer to write the reality to keep my sanity. Thank you to all of you who have followed my journey through these two years, and to those readers and fellow bloggers who I picked up along the way.


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