Ode to Andrews

My graduation was on 22 May and my sister and grandfather travelled in to witness it. My class consisted of about 200 students, 30 of whom were IB. After the graduation ceremony was Wes, a party thrown by the school to celebrate the graduation of a new class. The celebration went well into the morning and unfortunately it was the last time that I got to see some of the friends that I became close with. Now I am looking forward to moving into my dorm at Hamline University where I will be studying forensic science for the next 4 years.

Although I didn’t attend St. Andrews College from a primary level, I did have the honour of being educated for 2 years. I joined the 5IB group two years ago and was overwhelmed with how friendly and welcoming the students and teachers were. Of course through the years they continued to be helpful and friendly. From my first day where I attempted to blow up the biology room (Read FIRE!) to starting off my 6th year with meeting the new 5th years at a team building retreat (Read Carlingford) and finally pranking our chemistry teacher, getting through three weeks of exams and graduating.

I want to write this to thank the students and staff of St. Andrews College for all of the help and support I received through my two years during the International Baccalaureate. Your wisdom and insight have most defiantly prepared me for my years in university. No amount of thank you would be enough to show how grateful I am for your time and commitment. My Spanish teacher, Ms. Moran who is helpful and has many strange stories and experiences to share with us. She is one of the few teachers whom we have multiple inside jokes with. Mr. Micallef and Ms. Chellar, my Geography teachers, for grilling us with statistics and helping with the IA. My English teacher, Ms. Devane, for helping me learn how to expand my ideas, making us #Laugh and bringing in countless sweets. Thank you for the guidance and help with my EE, I couldn’t have done it without you. Also for finally throwing the waffle party that we planned in 5th year. My awesome Maths teacher, Mr. Macken, for throwing the sarcasm back in my face, helping with our maths problems and always having new funny cat videos to watch. My Chemistry teacher, Mr. Heir, for teaching with a passion and respect for the subject. Also thank you for taking the Avogadro prank in a good manner. And finally thank you to Mrs. Rimbi, my Biology teacher and the best Form teacher ever, for still allowing me to be in your classroom even after trying lighting it on fire. For being sarcastic with me and spending hours staying after school for more study and review with the class. Good luck with the new rowdy 6IB’s and everything to come.


3 thoughts on “Ode to Andrews

  1. daydreamer52

    Hey there! Happy Graduation. Seems like you had an amazing bunch of teachers and had a good school experience. All the best for what’s to come next! Take care xx

    1. lmksmith Post author

      Thank you for your comment! I really did have great teachers I don’t know if I would have made it through without them.


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