The End of IB

My two years of suffrage through the International Baccalaureate are coming to a close. Currently I am going through 3 weeks of exams. I have just finished my first week and in it two subjects, English HL and Biology HL. My next week consists of Maths, Spanish and Chemistry HL.

Next week my dad leaves for the States to witness my sisters graduation from her college years. She will be graduating with a degree in Primary Education. After that they’re both traveling back to Ireland for my graduation on 22 May!

Speaking of college a few weeks ago my mum and I made a quick trip back to the States for last-minute college tours. We hit two colleges in Philadelphia and one up in St. Paul. I am pleased to announce that I have officially found the college that is for me 🙂 Hamline University is up in St. Paul and lucky for me it offers a Forensic Science degree. I have already been accepted and recently filled out the roommate finder. I am looking forward to my years in University!

In the future, after my graduation, one of my close friends is coming to stay with us for a week. After that we have two families staying with us off and on for a while. In that time I get to take one last trip with my girlfriends to Nice, France for a week. Currently we are also planning on two of them visiting the States. All the while we have to clean, organise and pack everything that’s coming back with us.  Our moving date is on 10 July. A lot is to come along with a lot more change and readjusting to the American life and then shortly after adjusting to the college life.


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