Happy New Year!!

Alex arrived at the Dublin International airport on the 27th of December, which is when we celebrated our Christmas. The week was filled with her tourism and shopping, talking and catching up. She left a week later and has since then arrived safely at home.

I now have less than 5 months left of my senior year at St. Andrews. Everything is becoming rushed and stressful. The good news is the homework load is limited but we have papers, exams, IA’s, and orals to prepare for and complete. College applications have officially been sent out and I’m ready to get there!

Some people at school have started to realise that some of the things we do together may be the last time. I find myself very conflicted with missing people. On the one side I want to go back to Rochester and see friends and family but I don’t want to leave Ireland and the friends and people who I have met here. I know their life long and I am incredible grateful for the opportunities I have had and the doors that have opened because of the people I have met. I thank them for everything they have taught me xx

Sorry this entry is short, not much has happened I’ve just been writing papers and losing sleep. Till next time 🙂


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