Nollaig Shona Daoibh

Tis the holiday season which means I have finished my Mock Exams, ACT’s and have 5 months left of my 6th year.
This month I had two weeks of exams for teachers to predict our final grades and for us to get a feel for what the actual exams are going to be like. Most of them went well, students only walked out on the Chemistry one because it was filled with subjects that we haven’t covered in completion. I didn’t know walking out was an option so I finished it the best I could. On Friday the 12th my mum and I flew back out to Belgium to take the ACT’s again. If you haven’t read about the first attempt at taking the ACT’s you can read about it here . We arrived at the same hotel past midnight. Since I have anxiety Insomnia I find difficulties falling asleep in new environments, so I got 2 hours of sleep before testing. The day of testing we arrived 23 minutes early for safe measures. I took the ACT’s and smiled at its simplicity all the way through. Seriously, I sat there smiling. The guy probably thought I was crazy. I do admit at some points I struggled during subjects we don’t cover in IB. We don’t do geometry in maths we do trigonometry instead. After the testing was over mum and I went downtown for lunch and a quick walk throughout some Christmas stalls. We then got back on a plane and headed home. Once home I showered and readied myself for the last Christmas party that the 6IB’s and I would be celebrating together. Everyone brought something to eat and we passed around out secret Santa presents. We also played one heated round of BS.

Our Christmas this year is going to be postponed till the 27th because that is when Alex will be traveling to Ireland from India. She has been teaching abroad there, if you want to read about her travels there you can read about it in her own blog here! We decided to wait for her because we know how much she loves Christmas, but mostly waking everyone up early…

Today my dad and I will be taking a leap off of Forty Foot in Dun Laoghaire. It is a tradition for some to jump off and into the cold waters on Christmas day. I decided to turn it into a charity, similar to the Polar Plunge, and raise money for the Solas Project. My dad and I will be jumping no matter what and my mum will be there to take pictures. Please feel free to donate if you haven’t yet! 🙂

I hope that you have a wonderful holiday with family and friends. Drive safe but enjoy the snow 🙂


One thought on “Nollaig Shona Daoibh

  1. christmaswhistler

    We did it! The jump into the frigid Irish Sea at Forty Foot near Dún Laoghaire. Age first, after a brief contemplation period (jumping into freezing water was never my thing), then beauty. The ledge we jumped off of was about ten feet above the high-tide sea water. The water was not too rough – I would describe it as having slow rollers. But, the water was, ahh, shocking. I had to fight the instinctive ‘get out’ commands from my brain to wait for Lauren to make her jump. It was fun, though, as *many* others made it a busy ‘gathering’ of sorts. All were taking advantage of the 45F air temperature and a mostly sunny day for an Irish tradition that goes way back!


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