While fighting for my freedom I was captured and placed in solitary confinement. Unwillingly I was put into the car and driven somewhere unknown, I suspect were going back to that lady who touches my tummy and pokes me with sharp objects. We finally stopped and everyone got out and placed my brother and I down on the ground. We were definitely not at the V-E-T-S. My humans proceeded to stick and tie stuff onto my cage. Being  picked up again we were taken to new people who forced my family to take us out and carry us through a big metal machine. We both struggled to stay in our cages, desperate for something familiar. After being back into our cages our humans were running down hallways and upstairs and into a long loud hallway. Though the hallway was a zoo of people all strapped down in rows, we were carried to the back and shoved under a seat. At this point Lex was going crazy and wouldn’t shut up, I have given up and surrendered to my captures and sat in silence, knowing I couldn’t do anything. An hour later we were back into the jungle of people weaving in and out trying to get somewhere. Sunshine soon poured into out cages and we were let out to wander in the grass with leashes, finally it was over. Back into the carrier and hour later and into a car, after a ride to a new building that smelled like grease and metal, people looked at us like we were a new species and called us “pretty”. I knew my family was saying goodbye and I believed they were giving us away. What did we do? I didn’t even want to look at them. Onto another flight we went, this one longer and had boxes instead of people. We awoke to men carrying us to another car and to the vet where we were looked over and loved. But wait! They picked us up after an hour and took us out front again, my humans were there. They love us and didn’t give us away. I was ashamed to think they would abandon us. I am Round-A-Bout, hear me roar.


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