Holiday sweaters and Christmas pints

Yesterday my family and I decided to do a little holiday shopping in Dublin. We missed the Dart so we took the bus instead. Because it was a weekend, about 11 am and close to Christmas the bus was packed with people. One special charter came on to join us. This man was in his late thirties early forties, and roaring drunk. He was yelling about anything and everything that came to his mind, he was telling everyone something about child abuse and getting pushed down the stairs and someone getting punched in the face. Then he was on a “phone call” with someone telling them he’s all right and safe and that he didn’t feel threatened. The bus driver yelled at him to shut up and the man  told him he wasn’t doing anything, wasn’t  hurting anyone, that he wasn’t crazy he just had “schizophrenic”. They continued to yell at each other until the bus driver pulled over and told the man to get off the bus or he’ll call the Guarda. The drunk man went on about how we were treating him like a criminal and he wasn’t a criminal and refused to get off the bus and promised to be a nicer person. We continued on our journey with the man and when it came to his stop he made a huge scene and told us that we were not to worry because the criminal was getting off the bus at the next stop and that we were all bad people, and he didn’t deserve it because he’d killed thousands of Germans in the war. Yeah, as soon as he got off he fell down drunk on someones front steps. One lady clapped in the back and told him to go break his neck. I REALLY miss Minnesota nice…

One thing about Ireland is that they always go all out for any holiday that I’ve witnessed so far. Christmas lights hanging from buildings on the over head walk, giant Christmas trees at the ends of streets, its hardcore stuff. The Christmas music here starts the day after Halloween, so if you think you have it bad starting the day after Thanksgiving, think again. Christmas sweaters are everywhere! not just for sale in the stores but the people here actually wear them! Sweaters with reindeer faces and eyes that are goggly, sparkles and colors and little bells that jingle. Everyone wears either a sweater or a festive hat of some kind. Its nothing like back home.


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