6 Helpful Tips For Interacting With Minnesotans

This is beyond clever and is helpful to get into my family and I’s heads while were here 🙂

Thought Catalog

1. Be nice

The most notable stereotypical characteristic of Minnesotans is the attitude of “Minnesota nice”– being friendly and courteous when interacting with others. In order to successfully interact with a Minnesotan, you should try to be nice as well. Don’t be argumentative, raise your voice or brag about yourself. They’ll be confused and probably leave rather than make waves.

Additionally, try to be helpful. Offer assistance to people at the grocery store, even if you don’t work there. Always hold the door open for people. Cruise around in your truck during blizzards looking for people you can pull out of the ditch.

Here’s a hyperbolic take on how we like to act in the great white north:

2. Invitations should be extended three times

The worst crime for a Minnesotan is to put someone out, or inconvenience them in any way. When inviting a Minnesotan over for dinner, it’s…

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