20131117_181434My parents and I went to YoSushi for dinner tonight to celebrate my moms late birthday dinner. Every Sunday is all you can eat for 20 euro. The dishes come around this conveyor belt and you just take it off and eat it. The bowls color represents how much that dish is, but since it was all you can eat you just don’t pay attention. The catch to this dinner was that you only had an hour and everything on your bowl had to be eaten or you’d be charged extra for that dish. Competition among sushi eaters was high, so we left our Minnesota nice outside. Sadly they took our bowls every 20ish minuets so we were unable to count how many dishes we went though. As far as we know, it was enough.



One thought on “YOSUSHI

  1. Konnie

    Thank you for the fun and competitive night of Sushi. Lots of laughter and quick decision making to make sure we did not miss our favorites.
    Great birthday meal!


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