Nothing new

Nothing has happened worth writing an entire blog about in the past few weeks so I’m going to post all at once.

First of all our last shipment of items from home came in a few weeks ago and we are still currently unpacking. I’ve been trying to get photos up of the mess that was taking over out house but I have no clue how to. Mom has been making progress during the day while my dad and I go to work and school. This weekend my family and my dad’s bosses family went to Bizarre, a show put on by different people from different countries around the world. Multiple booths were set up with food and items you could buy that were imported from that country. The US booth featured lemonade, candy and popcorn. Which in my view has the least to do with the US. Today is also my moms birthday (I will leave out her age for respect, and I’d like to get fed tonight) so tonight we  will be celebrating, not sure how yet but it will be interesting no matter what.


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