Rugby Rumble

Last week my dad was offered two free tickets to the rugby game at the RDS (right across the street from our house luckily) and we both went to it last Saturday night. Before we got to enjoy the thrills we had to find our standing “seats”. We entered and one security guy told us to go to the right so we did, the next told us, around the corner, and the next said more to the right. One told us up the stairs, but once we got there it was seating and we were standing, so back down we went to ask another guard and he told us straight ahead, once we got there we asked another and he told us to got back and through a gate. After passing a sign that stated “No one under the age of 21 would be allowed to go past this point due to safety and security reasons” (I’m 17, no one stopped us though) we finally arrived.

The game was exciting and always in action, luckily we found a man next to us to explain what was happening. It was Leinster (us) vs. Connacht (the potato farmers). In the first period they were beating us 13-9 but at the end of the game we won 16-13. Everyone went crazy though the whole game, with chants and shouting and a lot of swearing at the referees. I’ve come to a decision that I enjoy rugby a lot more that American football. Theres more action and less stopping and starting, you just get the ball out from under 6 guys and keep going.


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