Sorry I haven’t posted lately, I’ve been busy with homework and school. The girls at St. Andrews College are so wonderful and nice, I immediately found myself accepted into their friends, they help me when I look confused or are lost. My first day and second day of school went so much better than I could have imagined! With the exception of Biology… we had to do an experiment to measure the amount of light absorbed with different colors of liquids. To make these liquids you had to put test tubes into boiling water for exactly three minutes. So my lab partner and I got the Bunsen burner out  and hooked it up to the gas valve with a rubber tube, turned it one and lit it. We didn’t have a good flame so I went to adjust the air intake valve and It suddenly blew up. WHOOF!! Up the side of the wall, next to the fire extinguisher, on the table, burnt my left hand hair clean off. The teacher ran over and turned off the gas and put out the wall, while my lab partner and I try to recover from hyperventilation. Later on we found out that the rubber tube was too loose and didn’t fit the Bunsen burner properly. So it wasn’t exactly our faults. Did I mention that this was my first day of school? I thought I made a good first impression.

In other news, our family found a house that we will be moving into on Wednesday. It’s in a gated community, two-story with a community garden in the back. Its three bedroom two bath, so feel free to visit us 🙂 Today my family and I will be heading down to our house and walking around its little town to explore and return my uniform for one that fits. My mom and I have been riding the Dart to school every morning and afternoon. It’s a speed train that runs North to South through Dublin center. It’s quite a bit of fun, even if you can’t find a place to sit.


2 thoughts on “FIRE!

  1. Brian Smith

    Ahh… reminds me of the time I stated a fire in school… like father like daughter. ..

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