My moms a terrorist and my dads a CIA agent

Starting off this morning we left our house around 8:30 to arrive at the airport. After having to rearrange some items in our checking bags we proceeded to the security point. During which they searched our cats, bags and us. My mom and I had our hands wiped to make sure our cats weren’t contaminated. Mom got pulled to the side because her hand swab was red flagged, they wiped down her bags, purse, and shoes, and made her strip down. They had to stop the flight so we could run and make it. For their first flight our cats did very well and attracted a lot of attention.
Once we landed in Chicago we took the kitties outside so they could stretch and feel the sun. Sadly for the second flight our cats had to be in the belly of the beast, so we took a taxi to drop them off. We left them in good hands, the last time we saw them they were being fork lifted around to show everyone how cute they were (no joke). The second flight went fine and we arrived in Dublin around 8am our time (it’s about 2am in the States). We caught a lift to the rental car and after a long wait finally got in and are now currently driving to pick up our cats from the quarantine and take them and our luggage back to the hotel which will be our home for who knows how long. I’ve truly missed Irish accents.


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