Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, my life has been turned around in the last few days. I finished my senior year at Mayo High School and will start my junior year at St. Andrews this Thursday. The last two days has been cleaning and packing. Tomorrow my Aunt will come pick my family, kitties and I up and drive us to the airport where we will board a plane to Chicago, and from there to Dublin, Ireland. I spent the last two nights with friends and will miss them dearly. My family and I decided our last family diner will be something we wont be able to have for a couple of years: Flapdoodles ice cream. Currently I am re-packing my suitcase in my lonely, empty room. My next post should be one from Ireland. Until then.


One thought on “Flapdoodles

  1. Alex Smith

    You sound resigned/exhausted. I hope moving goes smoothly!! Skype me in so i can see the hotel you’ll be living out of. And make sure to spam me with pictures and videos of the cats traveling. Poor passengers will be so annoyed with their meowing! Love you!


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