Wrangling Rodeo

What can you do with a wheelbarrow, chicken wire, and bungee cords? Bring your chickens to your neighbors of course! Today my mom and I spent our Saturday morning chasing two scared hens and a territorial rooster into a corner and putting them into our wheelbarrow. After finally getting them in there after who knows how many hours of tweaking the rig and running in circles, we pushed them down our driveway to their new home. We came to the conclusion that neither of us were chicken wranglers in our past lives.

Our family has official gotten our date, and this time they can’t change it, we have tickets. Our visas came through near the middle of the week, need less to say I came in screaming when I saw it posted on the back door. Our moving date is September 30, and it is coming up fast! The movers are coming this Wednesday and Thursday and we will be living out of our suitcases for the weekend. My lovely aunt has offered to drive us to the airport on that Monday and our lucky kitties will get to join us on our journey. But for now all I’m worried about is how I’m going to do my hair for my senior year of Homecoming, which is tonight!


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