Still here

Hello my fellow followers,

Again my family was told we’d receive the leaving date and again we didn’t get one. As the promise of a leaving date fades away so does the cleanliness from my room. My mom just helped me order my books and uniform for my school years. The family is slowly checking off items from our “to do” list, we’ve cleaned out and organized both our garages, the storage room, and the guest bedroom our house sitter will be living in. Yesterday my mom and dad were moving a shelf in the upper garage and a fire extinguisher dropped on my dads left big toe, it is now nasty, swollen and colorful. I have a picture of it but first have to figure out how to get it from my phone to here. School just started here for my friends and it feels strange not going. I’ve started using Rosetta Stone to learn French so I’m up to standard when I start at St. Andrews.

Our cats are starting to suspect something, I’m sure of it. Their being too happy and friendly, usually when we move stuff around and clean they hide in fear of a big family gathering. I keep imagining them in the small carriers they have to travel in, at least the first flight to Chicago they are able to ride by our feet. They are unaware of the changes and fears they will soon come to face, but they are strong kitties and will push through all the strange people and smells. Au revoir!


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