Hello! I was first told that I should write for the teen column for the Rochester Post Bulletin, but I missed the deadline by a few weeks. Then a family member suggested that I make my own blog so that family and friends could follow along with my adventures to come. I plan on posting at least once a week once we arrive in Dublin, Ireland but I will also update with big news before we leave.

Right now my dad’s starting date has been moved back a month due to an unexpected vacation that was taken by the person in charge of our visas. Its lovely. Our family still has no clue where were going to live for the next two years because we still haven’t heard a reply from the two-year school I’m trying to get into (fingers crossed!). The house and our lives are slowly being packed away into boxes to be stored or shipped. It amazes me how someones life fits into so few boxes. We still don’t have a leaving date, courtesy of the visa guy who took a vacation. At least we now have time to help Alex move into her apartment for her junior year of college!


One thought on “Pre-Departure

  1. Brian

    “It amazes me how someones life fits into so few boxes.” – I like this… it says a lot in just one sentence!


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