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New Beginning

No one ever told me that the hardest part about moving to a new country would be moving back. Returning to the same house, that is emptier in both the physical sense and the number of individuals, is some comfort in familiarity. Sleeping in the same bed, under the one blanket that you have, is relaxing until you wake up to an empty room. But the emptiest thing is the realization that you also came back to one, maybe two, friends. The hardest thing about moving away is knowing that life and people continue to move on without you. People change, close friends find new closer friends and all the friends that you made in your new country are now 6 hours ahead of you. Thankfully University starts soon. There I will make my new beginning, again.

Obviously this is my last post, I apologize that it wasn’t a “happy to be home” one but I’d prefer to write the reality to keep my sanity. Thank you to all of you who have followed my journey through these two years, and to those readers and fellow bloggers who I picked up along the way.

Ode to Andrews

My graduation was on 22 May and my sister and grandfather travelled in to witness it. My class consisted of about 200 students, 30 of whom were IB. After the graduation ceremony was Wes, a party thrown by the school to celebrate the graduation of a new class. The celebration went well into the morning and unfortunately it was the last time that I got to see some of the friends that I became close with. Now I am looking forward to moving into my dorm at Hamline University where I will be studying forensic science for the next 4 years.

Although I didn’t attend St. Andrews College from a primary level, I did have the honour of being educated for 2 years. I joined the 5IB group two years ago and was overwhelmed with how friendly and welcoming the students and teachers were. Of course through the years they continued to be helpful and friendly. From my first day where I attempted to blow up the biology room (Read FIRE!) to starting off my 6th year with meeting the new 5th years at a team building retreat (Read Carlingford) and finally pranking our chemistry teacher, getting through three weeks of exams and graduating.

I want to write this to thank the students and staff of St. Andrews College for all of the help and support I received through my two years during the International Baccalaureate. Your wisdom and insight have most defiantly prepared me for my years in university. No amount of thank you would be enough to show how grateful I am for your time and commitment. My Spanish teacher, Ms. Moran who is helpful and has many strange stories and experiences to share with us. She is one of the few teachers whom we have multiple inside jokes with. Mr. Micallef and Ms. Chellar, my Geography teachers, for grilling us with statistics and helping with the IA. My English teacher, Ms. Devane, for helping me learn how to expand my ideas, making us #Laugh and bringing in countless sweets. Thank you for the guidance and help with my EE, I couldn’t have done it without you. Also for finally throwing the waffle party that we planned in 5th year. My awesome Maths teacher, Mr. Macken, for throwing the sarcasm back in my face, helping with our maths problems and always having new funny cat videos to watch. My Chemistry teacher, Mr. Heir, for teaching with a passion and respect for the subject. Also thank you for taking the Avogadro prank in a good manner. And finally thank you to Mrs. Rimbi, my Biology teacher and the best Form teacher ever, for still allowing me to be in your classroom even after trying lighting it on fire. For being sarcastic with me and spending hours staying after school for more study and review with the class. Good luck with the new rowdy 6IB’s and everything to come.

The End of IB

My two years of suffrage through the International Baccalaureate are coming to a close. Currently I am going through 3 weeks of exams. I have just finished my first week and in it two subjects, English HL and Biology HL. My next week consists of Maths, Spanish and Chemistry HL.

Next week my dad leaves for the States to witness my sisters graduation from her college years. She will be graduating with a degree in Primary Education. After that they’re both traveling back to Ireland for my graduation on 22 May!

Speaking of college a few weeks ago my mum and I made a quick trip back to the States for last-minute college tours. We hit two colleges in Philadelphia and one up in St. Paul. I am pleased to announce that I have officially found the college that is for me 🙂 Hamline University is up in St. Paul and lucky for me it offers a Forensic Science degree. I have already been accepted and recently filled out the roommate finder. I am looking forward to my years in University!

In the future, after my graduation, one of my close friends is coming to stay with us for a week. After that we have two families staying with us off and on for a while. In that time I get to take one last trip with my girlfriends to Nice, France for a week. Currently we are also planning on two of them visiting the States. All the while we have to clean, organise and pack everything that’s coming back with us.  Our moving date is on 10 July. A lot is to come along with a lot more change and readjusting to the American life and then shortly after adjusting to the college life.

19 years of age

Some of you may know that Sunday was my 19th birthday. Some of you may also know that I don’t usually celebrate my birthday because for a long confusing reason I don’t understand why people celebrate birthdays. Instead I spent my morning and part of my afternoon binge watching Supernatural, my new favourite television show obsession, until I received a call from a dear friend of mine asking me to meet him downtown. I spent the rest of the afternoon talking and walking around Dublin with Alessandro. We had fish and chips for lunch and then we went to a cake shop for some sweets. He is such a sweetie and I want to thank him for making me have an amazing 19th birthday!

Currently my family is preparing for the move back to the States and my university years. I have heard back from 6 of my US colleges and 4/5 of my UK universities. Now I just have to make it through the next two months and exams of schooling. Easier said than done…

Happy New Year!!

Alex arrived at the Dublin International airport on the 27th of December, which is when we celebrated our Christmas. The week was filled with her tourism and shopping, talking and catching up. She left a week later and has since then arrived safely at home.

I now have less than 5 months left of my senior year at St. Andrews. Everything is becoming rushed and stressful. The good news is the homework load is limited but we have papers, exams, IA’s, and orals to prepare for and complete. College applications have officially been sent out and I’m ready to get there!

Some people at school have started to realise that some of the things we do together may be the last time. I find myself very conflicted with missing people. On the one side I want to go back to Rochester and see friends and family but I don’t want to leave Ireland and the friends and people who I have met here. I know their life long and I am incredible grateful for the opportunities I have had and the doors that have opened because of the people I have met. I thank them for everything they have taught me xx

Sorry this entry is short, not much has happened I’ve just been writing papers and losing sleep. Till next time 🙂

Nollaig Shona Daoibh

Tis the holiday season which means I have finished my Mock Exams, ACT’s and have 5 months left of my 6th year.
This month I had two weeks of exams for teachers to predict our final grades and for us to get a feel for what the actual exams are going to be like. Most of them went well, students only walked out on the Chemistry one because it was filled with subjects that we haven’t covered in completion. I didn’t know walking out was an option so I finished it the best I could. On Friday the 12th my mum and I flew back out to Belgium to take the ACT’s again. If you haven’t read about the first attempt at taking the ACT’s you can read about it here . We arrived at the same hotel past midnight. Since I have anxiety Insomnia I find difficulties falling asleep in new environments, so I got 2 hours of sleep before testing. The day of testing we arrived 23 minutes early for safe measures. I took the ACT’s and smiled at its simplicity all the way through. Seriously, I sat there smiling. The guy probably thought I was crazy. I do admit at some points I struggled during subjects we don’t cover in IB. We don’t do geometry in maths we do trigonometry instead. After the testing was over mum and I went downtown for lunch and a quick walk throughout some Christmas stalls. We then got back on a plane and headed home. Once home I showered and readied myself for the last Christmas party that the 6IB’s and I would be celebrating together. Everyone brought something to eat and we passed around out secret Santa presents. We also played one heated round of BS.

Our Christmas this year is going to be postponed till the 27th because that is when Alex will be traveling to Ireland from India. She has been teaching abroad there, if you want to read about her travels there you can read about it in her own blog here! We decided to wait for her because we know how much she loves Christmas, but mostly waking everyone up early…

Today my dad and I will be taking a leap off of Forty Foot in Dun Laoghaire. It is a tradition for some to jump off and into the cold waters on Christmas day. I decided to turn it into a charity, similar to the Polar Plunge, and raise money for the Solas Project. My dad and I will be jumping no matter what and my mum will be there to take pictures. Please feel free to donate if you haven’t yet! 🙂

I hope that you have a wonderful holiday with family and friends. Drive safe but enjoy the snow 🙂

Forty Foot for the Solas Project

Hello everyone! This is just a quick post to inform you that my dad and I are planning on jumping off of Forty Foot, a ledge in Dun Laoghaire. I decided to make it into a fundraiser for the Solas Project. Any donation helps! I didn’t want to make it an online donation system because they take a portion of the money, and you may have to pay a fee for converting currencies. Instead I will donate any amount of money that you wish to donate and you can refund me when we see you next. Please if you wish to donate just leave a comment down below of how many USD or Euros you wish to donate. Anything helps!

Also I will have an updated post out on Christmas morning at 9.30